About Us

Social Graces consists of a team of friendly, highly trained, instructors who strive to help the average person achieve each of their unique goals through the understanding of how to act in a musical social environment. Social Graces is the only area studio to provide full-time, professional, certified, instructors that teach students how to dance in a fun, systematic, way. Social Graces also has the most efficient and organized system of teaching, which saves our students money.


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Hours and Location

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10am- 10-pm Sunday- Saturday


850 West Main Street

Berryville, VA 22611

You can contact us over the phone at 540-409-7136

or by email at socialgracesballroom@gmail.com

We are a full service Social Studio offering Ballroom, Latin, and Swing. 

Wedding and Event Services

Most newly engaged couples interest in dance is sparked because they want to shine for the first dance, that one moment that represents the first steps that they will take together for the rest of their lives.  partnership dance becomes a metaphor for two moving in tandem  an lifelong partnership that starts with this very first dance as a newly joined couple.  The new couple spends a great deal of time and energy preparing for that one moment, the flash point of creation for all to witness, as if the better they move together now the better they will move together for the rest of their lives. We employ wedding specialists to aide you on your way to the first dance of your dreams!

Social Graces is often hired to “Host” events. This means different things for each particular event.

Some common requests are:

  • Holding your event at our studio in Beryville, VA
  • Hosting or beign the “MC” at your event, at the studio, or out of the studio
  • Teach a dance lesson at your event
  • DJ at your event

Regardless of what you are looking for, Social Graces can accommodate the needs of nearly any event.


Why Ballroom?

1.    Have more fun out of life:  Our students often share with us that although dance is only one part of there busy life, it is a part that is fun and easily created.   At Social Graces, our staff is trained to even make the learning process fun.   We even have students that might schedule an extra lesson after a particularly hard day at work just to wind down for the day.

2.   Be recognized and admired for being a good dancer:    Yes it feels good to be noticed, partnership dance also carries with it a stigma of strong character and one who appreciates the social aspects of life.   We are proud to be building character and social skills along with teaching the finest social sport around, partnership dancing.

3.   Increased self-confidence: We will teach you what to expect from a social situation as it pertains to partnership dance.  Not only will you learn the coolest most up-to-date dance moves and styles,  we provide you with a venue to practice at our many events that are offered almost daily.  Knowledge is power, coupled with practice and instruction from our professional staff your self confidence will grow as well.

4.   Sense of achievement:  We teach in a very organized systematic way that even the sports jock would appreciate.   We track your progress and show you what you are learning alone the way.  This gives our students a tremendous sense of achievement.

5.   Exercise :  Dance has many great ways to improve your physical and mental health.   We can teach it as a light aerobic exercise, or a strong core workout as you learn about body isolation’s.  At  Social Graces, we teach to your specific goals and needs.  Plus, the best exercise is the type that you enjoy doing.