Social Graces currently offers both group classes and private lessons to teens as well as periodically hosting events, performances, and dances for our teenage students (13-19).  At this time we are offering private lessons to preteen children who have a partner, and there is also a group class for our preteens (5-12).  See our schedule for more details.


Group Classes

Info: There are three weekly group sessions for teens.  These group classes are a great way to make new friends who share your interest in dance, and to become acquainted with the basics of Ballroom, Latin, and Swing dancing in a fun, exciting environment.  Group class does not generally build from one week to the next, so you can start taking group classes any time!


Rates: Each group class following that costs $10/per teen/per class.  This can be paid on the day of the class or in advance – whichever is more convenient.



Here is a short video of one some of our preteens demonstrating rise and fall, a styling used in Waltz.  Enjoy!


 Private Lessons

Call today and get your first hour of instruction for ONLY $20!  Find out how below!

Info: Private lessons are by far the most effective way to master Ballroom dance, because everything that the instructor says will be very specific to exactly what the student needs to hear and work on, as opposed to the less specific teaching style of teaching that must be used in group classes.

Ballroom dance is a contact sport, so for legal reasons, we ask that parents of minors (under 18) please remain at the studio while their teens take their lesson. 

Rates: We are currently running a special, allowing new students to take their first introductory (one hour) lesson, one group class, and one dance party for only $30.  We call it our Three-For-Thirty.  To schedule your first hour of instruction for only $30, call us at 540-409-7136, and tell us you’d like to schedule a Three-For-Thirty!


Teachers: Private lessons can be scheduled with any of our instructors, depending on age, level, and preference.


Here are some testimonials from some of our current students:


“It’s fun, I like learning new dances.  I like that I can meet new people but still spend time with my friends.  Our instructor is friendly and not too loud.”


“I enjoy learning social dances, it’s just plain fun.”



“I enjoy the competitions, it’s a fun challenge.  My sister and I both like to learn to dance.  My favorite dance is sometimes cha cha and sometimes Viennese Waltz.”


Every child is an artist.  The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.

-Pablo Picasso