About MindBody

Social Graces Ballroom Dance Studio is excited to announce that we now use Mindbody as our scheduling software.

What this means is that we have switched to use their calendar to book students for private lessons. Mindbody is more reliable than our previous scheduling system. This does not affect or change how you would normally schedule a lesson. During your conversation with the studio or your instructor, you will book and schedule a lesson.

Benefits to MindBody scheduling software:

  • Clients will receive a confirmation email about their scheduled lesson if we have your email on file
  • Clients can download an app on their smart device that will allow them to view our group classes, series classes, dances and competitions and sign up or check into the classes if they desire (this is not required to attend. This allows the client to be more involved and for the studio to have a chance to better prepare for who may be attending)
  • Clients can access this information from their PC

***Students do not need to use this software. This is just a way to allow you to be more involved with scheduling.

***Students do not need to put credit card information into the system to still access and sign into classes.

View our “how to” videos below to set up an account and get involved today!

Coming soon with MindBody:

  • The ability to cancel, schedule and reschedule your own lessons with the click of a button (Not required, just a way for clients to get more involved)
  • Ways to keep track of your account balance (also not required. Credit card information DOES NOT have to be inputted into the system. This will just be an option to make the process easier for you, the client)

Click to view how to: