Masquerade Ball and Murder Mystery Dinner

SAVE THE DATE! May 11th, 2019 at Social Graces Ballroom Dance Studio!

It’s 1955 and Fontaine City has a problem with teenage street gangs. In the east, there’s a hot rod racing gang called the D-Birds. Their ladies are members of the girly clique called the Pink Chicks. These rebels attend the Ryder High and spend their free time at Frosty’s Diner. The Pit Viper motorcycle gang runs the west side of town, an their ladies are the lack widows. These hooligans attend Tuscadero High School and frequent the local hangout – the Milkshake Shack. If either of these gangs ends up on other’s turf, a white knuckle rumble may break out and cause the chaos in the streets.
A Ryder High, the cheerleaders have formed an organization known as Campus Cre which was created to focus on reducing criminal activity in the city. The founders firmly believe that bringing the teens of Fontaine City together will solve the gang problem, so they have scheduled the Friendship Sock Hop. To their surprise, everybody that was invited has sent in an RSVP! This should be a night to remember!
The Campus Crew has promised peace and harmony for this evening of forming new friendships and working out a truce between the east and west of Fontaine City. You have been invited. This is where your story begins.

Stop by the studio to pick out your character. The event is $15 per person.