Social Graces Ballroom Dance Studio

values and cares about our clients. We have teamed up with Anthony Schein to

provide our members a new (and FREE) class on self-defense for women.

Women’s Self-Defense Class:

There are many crimes in today’s world that target women in particular. My goal is to give you the tools you need in order to help you deal with these situations. My class is different from your general martial arts classes. I’m not teaching you a particular style of martial arts. I am teaching you practical techniques that focus on common, real life scenarios that may arise and how to get you out of them unharmed. I hope you join me in this class. While the subject matter is a serious one, there is no reason we can’t have fun in the process! This class is appropriate for women of all ages, sizes, and fitness levels.


About the Self Defense Instructor:

Anthony has been a student with Social Graces since 2008. He has a great passion for dance as well as everything that comes along with the art. He has made lasting friendships with members of the studio and hopes to make more. As a way of giving back to the studio and to the community itself, he is volunteering his time in order to teach a subject that is near and dear to his heart, teaching women how to defend themselves against crime and abuses. Anthony has a background in Kenpo, a cross-cultural martial art originating from Hawaii. He has also incorporated other forms such as Kendo, Keysi, and Bartitsu. Currently Anthony works within the field of law enforcement.


About the Class: Each month will be a mini-series that will consist of two 2-hour long courses. All participants must rsvp by July 31st. There will be only 10 spots available per month. Anyone who attends this class will also receive a 10% off coupon to CCWStyle.com, just request the coupon code during the class.


When: August 5th & 19th

Time:    4-6pm

Where: 639 East Main Street,

Berryville VA 22611

Cost:    Free for Social Graces Members.

$50 monthly series fee for non-studio members

Due to the activities in this class, we will only have room for 10 students per class. Call us at 540-409-7136 to reserve your spot!
*Sponsored by Social Graces Ballroom Dance Studio & CCWStyle.com