Article Writing Contest

Social Graces is holding a contest to write new articles for our website in hopes of gaining more traffic and new students.
You can help us by contributing and win some cool prizes while you’re at it! Wondering how to write an article? Lucky for you, this contest comes with instructions!

Choose your topic

Picking a topic can be a challenge. Maybe you want to want to write about how dance improved your golf game or made you more successful in your professional life. You could also give a complete novice 5 tips for what to expect on their first lesson. Pick something that you find interesting and that you know about. If everyone does this the way that makes most sense to them, we will have a diverse collection and attract many different people!
Choose list or paragraph format

Choose list or paragraph format

If you want to give a lot of information, a list can help you keep it short, sweet, and well organized. Just like this article, each bullet point of a list can have 1-4 sentences to expand and clarify your idea. If you want to tell a story, a paragraph format is better. Relate your topic to ballroom dancing in general and specifically to Social Graces.

Introduce and conclude
Much like starting your dance with a basic pattern, you want to give your readers a chance to warm up to your topic before throwing new information at them. Likewise, use a couple of sentences to wrap up at the end and leave them with a sense that you have told them all they need to know for now. Make sure to name-drop Social Graces a couple of times.
Submit your article
Submit your document here between now and Midnight August 1st, 2020. Remember you can enter as many times as you want to earn different prizes!
Collect Your Prize!!!
Grand Prize

GRAND PRIZES For the Best Writer and Most Prolific Writer a night of dancing in the wild or a party at home with your instructor. Local wineries, Hollywood Casino, Picadilly’s and many other places around often have live music that is fun to dance to. Choose a spot and your instructor will take you out for an evening of dancing. Don’t feel like going out? Your instructor can host a class or party at your home.*

VIP Prize

Everyone who writes 3 articles or more will receive an invitation to our next VIP party and a customized license plate cover.

Participation Prize

Everyone who writes 1 article or more will be recognized at the first Friday Night dance after the contest closes.

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“Don’t believe everything you read on the internet.”
-Abraham Lincoln
All past and current students and friends of Social Graces are eligible to compete.
Not so hard, right? And don’t wory, we promis we will spell cheque before we publush anyting. Haha joke joke. Now let’s have fun and write some articles!

Possible article topics
These are merely suggestions, so please play around and change the title to match your article. If using a list format, we suggest keeping it between 4-15 points

How ballroom dance improved my golf game (or any activity)
5 ways Horseback Riding is like ballroom dance (or any activity)

5 reasons ballroom dance is the best exercise
5 ways ballroom dance can help you relax
5 ways ballroom dance can give you more energy
5 hygiene tips for dancing
5 yoga poses that help you improve your dancing (any sport or fitness activity)
How ballroom dance improves your posture/balance/flexibility
5 ways Martial Arts make you a better ballroom dancer (any sport)
5 reasons soccer players make good ballroom dancers (any sport)

5 Michael Jackson songs you can dance to (any genre or Artist)
5 reasons to love Tango (or any dance style of your choice),
History of Tango (or any dance of your choice),
5 pop songs you dance Tango to (or any dance)
5 famous paintings of ballroom dancers

Social Life
5 tips for ballroom dance etiquette,
5 ways ballroom dance can improve your confidence
How ballroom dance can help you meet people
5 ways ballroom dance can make you more graceful, especially if you have 2 left feet!
5 ways ballroom dance can help you improve your professional life
5 ways ballroom dance can improve your social life
5 rules for first dates and first dance lessons

Travel/Going out
5 places to dance around Winchester
5 Dance styles you need to know for your next cruise
5 dances you need to learn for weddings

For Seasoned dancers
My dance story
5 ways ballroom dancing improved my life
5 ways social dancing can improve your ballroom dance skills
5 ways competition can improve your ballroom dance skills
5 ways ballroom dancers sabotage their progress
5 reasons leaders should learn to follow
5 habits of highly effective dance students
5 ways private lessons can improve your dancing
5 ways group class can improve your dancing
5 shoes every dancer will love
You might be a ballroom dancer if…

For New Dancers
5 stages of starting to learn ballroom dance
how to practice at home,
Clothes to wear for dancing
5 Unexpected side effects of ballroom dancing
5 advantages to taking lessons as a single
5 types of dance partner you meet at every social
5 rules for first dates and first dance lessons
5 Things to remember before your first ballroom dance lesson
5 ways to make progress in ballroom dancing or in life
5 Tips for couples starting ballroom dance lessons
5 Tips for singles starting dance ballroom lessons
5 benefits of Ballroom Dance,
Why (men/women) should learn ballroom dance,
why (singles/couples) should learn to dance.

“Write drunk, edit sober.”