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Looking for a new way to get in shape?  Don’t let all the diets and fitness plans fool you!  Getting fit and having fun CAN happen at the same time!  Try Ballroom dance – it will give you a great outlet for good social and physical health.  

Learning ballroom dance has also been shown to promote mental health as processing information stimulates brain function. 

Ballroom dance also starts as a low impact light aerobic exercise that slowly increases with intensity as the student learns about the hobby.  This will help tone your body, and when you start attending our dances. you will build your cardiovascular system as well.

Imagine how good you will look and feel gliding around the dance floor at your next event!  Learning ballroom dance will put you on the road to a healthier lifestyle.


Email us today to schedule your first workout…I mean dance lesson on us, first private lesson is free.

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Restore with Dance

“It is health that is real wealth and not peices of gold and silver.” 

-Mahatma Gandhi

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