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Social Graces proudly present a set of series classes called “Body by Ballroom”  Each class will be an 8 week series, so each class will build on the next to maximize your learning. The focus of the classes will be beginner level steps in the five most popular social dances- Foxtrot, Waltz, Cha-Cha- Salsa, Rumba, and East Coast Swing! We will be working on the aerobic side of dance, building core strength, building balance and coordination, as well as learning to dance with other people at a beginner level and above all, having fun! By integrating exercises that help students learn to isolate certain muscle groups, we’ve created the perfect work out. Best of all, it’s fun! Let us teach you how to get that “Ballroom Body” just in time for the summer bikini season! A great thing to do for date night, to burn those calories, or just to make new friends, Body By Ballroom is sure to enhance your life by introducing you to the wonderful world of Ballroom, Latin, and Swing dance and putting you on the road to that ballroom body!

Approximate Number of Calories Burned Per Hour 

Style of Dance 
100 lb dancer
125 lb dancer
150 lb dancer 
175lb dancer 
200lb dancer
East Coast Swing, Salsa, 
264 330 396 462 528
Slow Waltz, Foxtrot, Tango 
180 216 252 288
Is Body By Ballroom For Me?

Anyone, young or old is welcome to join the class, as long as they are able to take direction and will not disrupt the class. If you are unsure if you can meet the physical demands of the class, we encourage you to come and try the first one. 

When and Where


How To Register 

To sign up call Social Graces at 540-409-7136