This Christmas tell your loved one that you love them by holding them in your arms while you learn to dance together.

Here are a few benefits from taking dance lessons.  Which will  do you think they’d like the most?

 Impress him/her on the dance floor

Perhaps you simply want to make a stronger bond with your partner.  We will teach you how to lead or follow.  Maybe you just want to have an activity you can do as a couple on a moments notice, once you know how to dance, a fun activity is only as far away as your favorite song.


 You can’t put a price on a good nights sleep. Instead of trying all the latest fads, why not try a classic? Ballroom dance is a great, healthy way to relax after a hard days work, it could even help you sleep better at night. Harvard’s Men’s Health Watch has said of aerobic exercise, such as ballroom dance, “It has a unique capacity to exhilarate and relax, to provide stimulation and calm, to counter depression anticipate stress.” Trust the experts. Try ballroom dance – you’ll be glad you did!

Making friends

Knowing how to dance is a great way to create friendships as it is a safe common ice breaker.  More importantly, your fellow classmates will likely invite you to social events increasing your social circle.

  Learning to dance

 We are the only local studio that has full-time professional certified instructors teach you how to dance at social events in an easy, fun, and systematic way. We also have the most efficient and organized system of teaching offered in the region, which will save you money!

 Good health

Learning to dance at Social Graces  is a great new way to get in shape, don’t let all the diet and fitness plans fool you!  Getting fit and having fun CAN happen at the same time. Ballroom dance will give the student a great outlet for a good social and physical health.   Learning ballroom dance has also been shown to promote mental health as processing information stimulates brain function. Ballroom dance also starts as a low impact light aerobic exercise that slowly increases with intensity as the student learns about the body. This will help tone the body and when one starts attending our dances they will build their cardiovascular system as well. Imagine how good they will look and feel gliding around the dance floor at their next event. Learning ballroom dance will put them and their loved ones on the road to a healthier lifestyle.

Social Graces Introduces to you Our Holiday Specials!

Available NOW through Dec 31st 2020!
*may only be used by new students (great gift to give to that friend or family member you’ve been wanting to share the wonderful world of Ballroom Dancing with)

Introductory Trio $30


 1 Hour long private lesson
 1 Group class
 1 Practice Dance Party

Discounted Group Membership $356.96

$152.98 Savings


 6 months of unlimited group classes
 And practice dance parties
 30% off 6 months

Private Lesson Package One $269.96

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5 –  Hour Long Private Lessons for Couple or Single

1 Month of unlimited group classes

1 Month of Unlimited Practice Parties

Private Lesson Package Lesson Two $289.94

$250 Savings


7 – Hour Long Private Lessons for Couple or Single

2 Months of unlimited group classes

2 Months of unlimited practice parties

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