Ballroom Dancing During Covid-19

By Pamela Haefner

Author: Pamela Haefner

Paul and I were eight weeks into lessons when COVID-19 hit. Just a short eight weeks to wet our whistle, to get comfortable at Social Graces, get to know our instructor, and fall in love with ballroom dance before it all came to a crashing halt. Or did it?
It took a little creativity and ingenuity, but with the generosity of a friend who lent us their barn, and our instructor who knows her stuff so well she’s able to teach over FaceTime, we’ve been able to continue on our dancing path. Three times a week we have our own little barn dance. Paul backs out the tractor, a little sweep of the floor, hook up the phone and wait for her call.
With wind blowing cold through the slits in the walls and the occasional dog barking, it’s not quite the same glamorous feeling of the studio, but our love for dance continues on.