Foxtrot Styling Group Class

Understanding the different group classes

  • This class is designed to appeal to the beginner and intermediate alike.
  • Our beginner classes trend towards more foundation information
  • Our intermediate classes trend towards challenging the student
  • Our styling classes focus more on an artistic aspect of the dance
  • Our Bronze Series classes build towards the same goal from week to week. Proficiency in Bronze syllabus highly recommended.
  • Students should approach a group class setting at Social Graces with the idea that they will gain something rather than everything.  Every student will take something different as everyone as different tastes and goals.


Drop in fee is $15 and active students can attend this group class for free.

Dress code

We do not have a dress code, but we encourage you to dress for comfort.

Singles and couples welcome

You do not need a partner to attend any class at Social Graces.


The story of the Foxtrot begins at the turn of the 20th century when African American musicians such as Scott Joplin began composing syncopated ragtime music.  A smooth dance like the Waltz would not do for this fervent new music.  One of the first dances to evolve for ragtime music was the Turkey Trot, a one-step that included flapping the arms like a turkey.  Then came the Monkey Dance, Horse Trot, Grizzly Bear, Bunny Hug and Kangaroo Dip.  Ragtime demanded dances with jerky steps, emulating the walk and the wild abandon of animals.

In 1914, a young dancer named Harry Fox did his version of trotting on the stage of the Ziegfield Follies.  Fox’s fast and jerky trot became the hot new thing in New York.  When the Foxtrot traveled to England, the jumps and high jinx of the original were ironed out.  What remains is a smooth, elegant dance more reminiscent of the Waltz than of the Trot’s hyperactive past.  In fact, many of the Foxtrot’s patterns have been adapted straight from the Waltz.

Dance Characteristics

Key characteristics of the Foxtrot are smooth, gliding steps with controlled movement and an easy going look.  The foxtrot can be danced to many styles of music.  There are two styles of Foxtrot: social style may be danced with a mild bounce action, while competitive style has a smoother, more Waltz-like feeling.

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Jun 26 2023


7:00 pm - 8:00 pm


Social Graces Ballroom Dance Studio


Social Graces Ballroom Dance Studio
639 East Main St


Allison Lenore
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