Hustle Beginner Group Class

Understanding the different group classes

  • This class is designed to appeal to the beginner and intermediate alike.
  • Our beginner classes trend towards more foundation information
  • Our intermediate classes trend towards challenging the student
  • Our styling classes focus more on an artistic aspect of the dance
  • Our Series classes build towards the same goal from week to week.
  • Students should approach a group class setting at Social Graces with the idea that they will gain something rather than everything.  Every student will take something different as everyone as different tastes and goals.


Drop in fee is $15 and active students can attend this group class for free.

Dress code

We do not have a dress code, but we encourage you to dress for comfort.

Singles and couples welcome

You do not need a partner to attend any class at Social Graces.


In 1973, at a disco called The Grand Ballroom, a new type of “touch dance” without a name was being exhibited by females. This simple 6-count step with a very basic form, including inside and outside single turns, would give birth to what would later be called “Hustle.” The young men of the club took notice, and became interested in this new dance.

As dance contests sprung up across the U.S. and the phenomenon spread, many Hustle dancers were also involved in the professional performing arts community and contributed long balletic arms and elasticity to the movement. Around this time, the dance also began to move from a slotted pattern into a rotational one.

Dance Characteristics

Hustle is a fast, smooth dance, with the lady spinning almost constantly, while her partner draws her close and sends her away. Free rhythmic interpretation is characteristic of this dance.


Sep 02 2021


8:00 pm - 9:00 pm


Social Graces Ballroom Dance Studio


Social Graces Ballroom Dance Studio
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