West Coast Swing Styling Group Class

Understanding the different group classes

  • This class is designed to appeal to the beginner and intermediate alike.
  • Our beginner classes trend towards more foundation information
  • Our intermediate classes trend towards challenging the student
  • Our styling classes focus more on an artistic aspect of the dance
  • Our Series classes build towards the same goal from week to week.
  • Students should approach a group class setting at Social Graces with the idea that they will gain something rather than everything.  Every student will take something different as everyone as different tastes and goals.


Drop in fee is $15 and active students can attend this group class for free.

Dress code

We do not have a dress code, but we encourage you to dress for comfort.

Singles and couples welcome

You do not need a partner to attend any class at Social Graces.

History of the Dance

Moreover, it originated from the Lindy hop, a 1940’s dance that started at the Savoy Ballroom in Harlem in response to early jazz music with a swing beat. Furthermore, swing dancing continued to evolve and split into several dances including the East Coast swing, Carolina & collegiate shag, Balboa and jitterbug.

In the 1950’s, a smooth form of swing developed in the Los Angeles area that was called Western swing. Dean Collins and other swing dancers created a smooth style of Lindy H op and swing dancing was featured in many Hollywood movies. Ultimately, the name was later changed to West Coast swing. Finally, in 1978, the West Coast swing became the Official State Dance of California.

Meanwhile, in the past few decades the West Coast swing has been influenced by several other dance genres. For example, disco, hustle from the seventies, country western dancing in the nineties and salsa in the two-thousands all influenced the West Coast swing.


Apr 11 2022


8:00 pm - 9:00 pm


Social Graces Ballroom Dance Studio


Social Graces Ballroom Dance Studio
639 East Main St
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