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Here are a few of the events we offer.  Check back at the studio for more upcoming events. 

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About Group Class

Group class is an extremely casual event, held multiple times a week.  You should expect to trade partners*** throughout the class, as this is the structure of a group class at Social Graces.  We do this because it promotes good partnership and helps the group to learn at a faster pace.

***Due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation we do not trade partners during class. Singles may attend class by themselves or pair up with another single in the class. Couples will keep their partner the whole time. Space is limited. Please text (540)409-7136 to RSVP 





Friday and Saturday Night Practice Parties

Every Friday evening from 7-9pm, we hold a “Practice Party” held in the Social Graces main ballroom. It’s meant to be an opportunity for our students to practice what they are learning in a casual, safe environment.  The DJ announces which dance is most appropriate for each song.  Students can dance with other students or just with their partner.  Music will be similar to music that is already used in private lessons. If a beginner forgets a pattern, the staff will be available to give a quick refresher.  Our practice parties are free for students taking at least three private lessons a month. Otherwise, the drop in fee for our practice party is $15 per person.

Chanpagne Guest Parties

This evening is specially designed to be a perfect introduction to the world of ballroom dance and to Social Graces.  These parties are fun and exciting.  Current students may only attend if they bring a friend who has not danced at Social Graces before.  New students will receive a special deal on their first lesson!  If you are new, consider coming to a guest party for FREE, even if you don’t know any current students – they are catered toward your specific needs and we’d love to have you!

Click this link and print out a fun invitation for your friends. (It will increase the chances that they will come!)


Competing is just another way to set goals.  Competing also focuses much more on Technique and Style, whereas social dancing focuses more on Partnership and and being adaptable to your surroundings. If you are interested in doing some competitions, ask your instructor what you can do. They have competitions for all levels, even newcomers

No matter what, you will get a standing ovation from your fellow students.

Championship Guest Coaches

Occasionally, we have guest coaches come in to teach master classes and private lessons.  Often, these coaches are world renowned judges or champions in their own right.  Students and staff alike enjoy taking lessons from these top professionals.

See Garry Gekhman website here.

See Dan Callaway’s website here.

Childrens Classes

Your child will learn the fundamentals of popular ballroom dances, improve balance and coordination, gain self-confidence, and learn the in’s and out’s of social gatherings.

Each Child/Teen group class costs $10 per class. This can be paid on the day of the class or in advance.

Ballroom dance is a contact sport, so for legal reasons, we ask that parents of minors (under 18) please remain at the studio while their child take their lesson.

Murder Mystery Parties

Our Murder Mystery parties are events where you get to choose a character beforehand (so you can get a fun costume and plan your plots) and then act out that characters tasks the night of the party.  It’s a “who done it” evening of murder and mayhem.  Someone will die, someone will dance, and some are dying to dance.

Masquerade Ball

We hold Masquarade Balls and other theme dances often.  To attend these events, one is not required to dress the part, but boy is it fun.

Vinyard Dances

They have award winning wines made in the most sustainable way.

Find them here.

We have the pleasure of doing a joint wine tasting/dance in their vineyard, where we dance and sip.

Birthday Parties

You can rent the studio out for birthday parties or any event.  In addition, we can supply music and dance lessons.


Students of Social Graces can even graduate from a level of dance.  Many students will say that is not “why” they dance, but they do enjoy the clear structure that it brings and the feeling of accomplishment.


Our staff is trained in choreographing the perfect dance for your daughter’s Quinceañera.  Both for her and any others that will be joining her in the dance.

Sweetheart Ball

Every year we have a formal event called our Sweetheart Ball.  It includes a sit down dinner, the most anticipated performances of the year, and a wonderful night to remember.

Performance Opportunites

Social Graces offers many performance opportunities.  Anything from performing at our yearly formal, to a small routine at one of our Friday practice parties. Doing a small performace will help focus your mind while learning, and it’s fun to show your dance friends what you have been learning.


We do enjoy our Halloween costumes. The fella above was just dying to dance. And the three students below didn’t realize it was Halloween yet. (See what I did there?)


We have a Christmas dance in hopes that Santa will come and do the Cha Cha with everyone.  We also hang stockings and are getting quite a collection of coal.

and more…



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