Happy Feet

How Ballroom Dancing Brings Me Joy

By Phyllis Enrico

I would be willing to bet that most people reading this article have seen this movie. Guess what? When I leave my dance lesson, I literally have happy feet!

There is something almost magical about moving to the music, any music really, that makes me so happy inside. Having an encouraging instructor, who makes it so easy to follow along and learn, is the key to a successful dance lesson. I find myself already planning my next lesson before I even leave the current one.

Let me encourage anyone out there who may be “on the fence” about trying a new endeavor. Dancing provides a great avenue for young and old, male and female… My 8-year-old granddaughter was able to participate in a children’s dance lesson at Social Graces just last summer and LOVED it! I have another friend in her 60’s who is an avid dancer and she loves it! Age is no factor when it comes to getting on the dance floor.

Did you know some health conditions may improve through dance? Socialization is good for everyone, and the social contact with the instructors, or other participants, helps improve your mood and mental well-being. Dancing helps build your cardiovascular fitness as well. There are so many benefits…you have nothing to lose but so much to gain! See you on the dance floor!

Author: Pamela Haefner