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Students often ask, “How do you know which song goes with which dance?”  We recommend a more casual approach for the novice student when answering this question.  Learn a bit about each dance.  Find out what each dance is meant to express.  For example, the Rumba is a romantic dance which is danced at a particular range of tempi or speeds.  You probably already have romantic music at home which is suitable for the Rumba.  As you learn more about dance, your musical interests will probably develop and change.  Avoid a narrow definition of musical styles; rather, find the broad definition of each dance.  Specifics will come with time and practice.

“Those who hear not the music think the dancer mad.”  

 Author Unknown

Our staff here at Social Graces has created multiple playlists to help you practice and study.

Click on the dance you want and you will be taken to our YouTube playlist page for the selected dance.

These lists grow and change over time. So, come back often. Also, some playlists might not be updated or completed all the time.

We suggest that if you like a song, save it to your own list.

We are the areas premier dance studio and we are happy to provide you with this service.



Restore with Dance

“The music is not in the notes, but in the silence in between.”

-Wofgang Amadeus Mozart

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