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Want to know how we can help you shake off the blues?

Beautiful relaxing location.

Let the smiles shine.

Here is how we plan to stay responsible:

  • We will follow rules set forth by the state of Virginia. 
  • Our staff will wash hands in between lessons.
  • We will regularly wipe down surfaces commonly touched like door knobs and desks.
  • We will continue the use of hand sanitizer like we always have.
  • We will also limit the number of people in the studio by only doing private lessons, and spacing them out.
  • We will utilize our upstairs space more for students that would like to limit social interaction. 
  • Instructors can wear face masks if requested.

We are postive your mind and body will feel this after your first lesson:

  • Improved mood in general

  • Better sleep that night

  • Improved appetite

  • Higher energy

  • physical and mental relaxation

  • To name a few

Your somatic response will continue to snowball as one area affects another, i.e. with better sleep your mood will improve and with better mood he will sleep better etc. 

Taking a dance class and simply moving around and being a bit social will start this snowball effect.

Mentally having to process dance information will kickstart more brain activity and increase all of the benefits above as well.

“It’s amazing how much my body perked up once I heard I might have the opportunity to teach again, the socializing the exersize the movement the music.”

-Freddie (owner/teacher)

  I encourage you to take a moment right now and simply think about learning dance and how wonderful it will be to move and do some light exercise. If you’re interested in starting lessons as soon as the studio opens, feel free to call, text or email the studio and we will put you on our waiting list of folks to schedule first.  

For a free private lesson Send us an email below

Call us at 540-409-7136 or text us, or email us.  Do it now before you start dinner, or lunch or doing that craft you meant to start but not really.

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Dancer Tip

When dancing again after a long break, don’t get to excited because…. ok who am I kidding, get excited! woot woot, lets dance.

“We can only appreciate the miracle of a sunrise if we have waited in the darkness.”

– Sapna Reddy

Call now, don’t delay