Restore with dance!

Here is a free lesson on us.

Social Graces Ballroom Dance Studio

We are postive your mind and body will feel this after your first lesson:

  • Improved mood in general

  • Better sleep that night

  • Improved appetite

  • Higher energy

  • physical and mental relaxation

  • To name a few

Your somatic response will continue to snowball as one area affects another, i.e. with better sleep your mood will improve and with better mood he will sleep better etc. 

Taking a dance class and simply moving around and being a bit social will start this snowball effect.

Mentally having to process dance information will kickstart more brain activity and increase all of the benefits above as well.

“It’s amazing how much my body perked up once I heard I might have the opportunity to teach again, the socializing the exersize the movement the music.”

-Freddie (owner/teacher)


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