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Relive your wedding dance.

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First Dance

Second Chance

This is for the couple that wants to relive their first dance with more understanding of dance.  A second chance at a first dance. Your first dance was a wonderful memory and we want to help you commemorate that moment by helping you learn a beautiful dance to your first song, or you can pick a new meaningful song.  

  • We will teach you a dance you can do to your original first dance song.
  • We can help you create a special time and place to do your second first dance.
  • You can rent to studio and invite guests, creating a party centered around you and your partner.
  • We can video you during your last lesson as a keepsake to share with friends and family.
  • We can also create a dance that fits in the space of a Livingroom, so you can dance it at a house party if you wish.

We can accommodate almost any situation.

The most important aspect is that you get to create a lasting memories with a loved one.

Call now and ask for a Second Chance at your First Dance, we will set up one free private lesson, your instructor can listen to your first song and you can get an intro to dance and plan out your next first dance.

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