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“When you can redirect your self-criticism and look at yourself instead with curiosity and compassion, you have just moved a mountain.”

-Soulshine Medicine


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Your Yoga Journey

We are all such unique beings. It seems fair to say that everyone’s journey will look a little different. But no matter who you are or where you are today, it won’t be easy. They say the good things in life are worth working for. I believe there is validity to that. Strive for imperfection; don’t fear the errors you’ll make along the way. Those errors are the building blocks to acceptance and self-love.

Yama and Niyama

The first two limbs of Yoga. These disciplines relate directly to how you behave outwardly in the world(Yama) and inwardly toward yourself(Niyama). When living a life in alignment with these limbs, One says only things they know to be true and responds instead of reacts.


The third limb of Yoga. Asana means “seat” and refers to the postures we practice. This is what most people think of when they think of Yoga. RegularĀ  practice of a balanced program (tailored to individual needs) is recommended for maximum benefit.


The fourth limb of Yoga. Prana means “vital life force.” It is the force which exists in all things. Breathing techniques provide a method wherby the life force can be activated and regulated in order to go beyond one’s normal limitations and attain a higher state of energy and awareness.


The fifth limb of Yoga. “Praty” meaning avoid/control and “ahara” meaning food. In this case, “food” is reffering to the things that feed the mind(the five senses). So Pratyhara is our means to controling what goes into our mind so that every experience is a positive learning opportunity.

Dharna and Dhyana

The sixth and seventh limbs of Yoga. Dharna(concentration) is a process of holding or fixing the mind at a particular object. The mind wanders less and less eventually leading to Dhyana(meditation). Meditation is the unbroken flow of cognition toward an object, also known as a silencing of the mind.


The eigth limb of Yoga. Samadhi is a complete concentration of mind acheived through meditation. Devotion and selfless service are also ways to acheive Samadhi. A Yogi attains Ritumbra Pragya(divine wisdom) through Samadhi.

Samadhi is the natural state of Humans.

What’s Your Path?

Hatha Yoga

This style of Asana focuses heavily on proper alignment and slowing down the breath within each posture so you can notice all of the little sensations arising in the body. Hatha can be modified to meet you exactly where you are. Which is what makes this style of Asana perfect for all body types and all levels of experience.

Vinyasa Yoga

This style of Asana focuses on connecting each breath to a new movement. Vinyasa Yoga moves quickly and therefore is more suited for the advanced Yogi with proper muscle memory and an understanding of the names of most postures. Minimal cues are given so you can focus within. This is your practice and I am here to guide and encourage. You will feel completely in control of your practice and body.

Chair Yoga

This practice is for individuals who have cronic pain, injuries, joint replacements, or trouble getting on and off the floor. You will be guided through gentle warm-ups, functional movements ,and techniques inspired by physical therapists which you can incorporate into your daily life. Improve your physical body and mental state with breathing techniques and posture improvement.

Private Sessions

Set aside an hour to focus on yourself. Learn useful tools for navigating your mind and safely guiding your body. We will discuss goals and determine the appropriate pace for you based on your individual needs. I will base your individualized practice on your specific strengths and weaknesses.

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Private Group Sessions

Are you interested in the energy of a group setting without the discomfort of being surrounded by strangers? Private group sessions were designed with you in mind! Gather your friends and family, 2-10 people, and you will be guided through an hour-long session of breathwork and movement.

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Group Sessions

These hour-long sessions are for the individual who already has a basic understanding of Yogic Asanas (postures) and is looking for a setting where they can be encouraged and guided. Group sessions are either Hatha or Vinyasa(must attend Hatha class before attending Vinyasa). See my calendar for more details.

$15 drop-in fee

Partner Yoga

Are you looking for a fun experience to help build a stronger connection with your significant other? In these hour-long sessions, you will learn to use your bodies as one. Breathing, stretching, balancing, and connecting in ways you wish you had known about years ago!

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Out of Studio Events

Whether you’re looking for a Yoga class for your night in with the ladies, team building through Partner Yoga at the office, or you just aren’t ready to leave your home yet… we’ve got you covered!

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