Awareness of the Elements of Dance.

Stage One of Social Graces Signature System

Hello and welcome to Social Graces Ballroom Dance Studios. In these pages I am going to explain how we teach our students, using our signature process with the main steps of:
-Awareness of the Elements
-Awareness of Others
-Awareness of Self.
My name is Freddie Ciampi, and I have owned and operated Social Graces since 2001 in Berryville VA.  I have performed all over the US and Euroupe, and I have taken many oportunities to enhance my teaching skills and abilites to create a comfortable learning environment.

My staff is always trained in dance, but also in teaching and creating that fun social environment.






Learning Foot Positions takes you:

-From fear and awkward

-To “this might be fun”

It’s difficult to learn something, especially if you don’t know about that thing.  This can make new students feel awkward, foolish, or maybe even fearful. After learning about where your feet go (foot positions), you will start to feel much better about your ability to learn this wonderful sport.  When you start putting foot positions together on your first lesson, fun starts to take over.  You will have learned a layer on which you can now build.

Our instructors are trained in how to teach dance in a fun entertaining way, which makes the fun stages come that much sooner.

“Being a soccer coach, I was surprised how similar leading was to leading my team.  I think about a play and guide my team, then we make changes as needed and repeat.”


Learning Timing and Rhythm takes you:

-From naive

-To “learning dance in layers”

Many people are naive about the fact that timing and rhythm can be taught.  It is one layer of many that we teach our students.  We teach in layers.  A group of information at a time.

With every new layer, we teach you what it is and how to use it, and most importantly, how to learn it.  We shape your thinking so you can process each new layer.

Instuctors at Social Graces are trained in how to teach you to learn.  This is a wonderful realization for students, “I can learn dance in layers.”

“My training in dance help my training in martial arts and timing is a big part of what I do.”


Learning Dance Positions takes you:

-From Separate parts

-To “tying pieces together”

The third step in our Signature system teaches how to hold someone and use your arms and body to signal your partner.

This largely goes unseen, which makes dance look a bit magical.

Although you will learn a simplified dance position on you first lesson, learning a more advanced one means your partner will have an easier time leading/following you.

This knowledge then gets stacked with timing and rhythm.  Not only are you dancing to music, you are dancing well with another person! That is something to be excited about.

“I so look forward to my dance lessons every week, it’s my hour that helps me exercise and somehow energizes me at the same time. I lived nearby for five years before coming for my first lesson. I wish I had started sooner.”