Self Awareness

Stage Three of Social Graces Signature System

In the third stage of learning, students start to become aware of taking those dance elements and how they will feel to a partner and look to the onlookers, and put themself in the middle of the mix.  When you better understand the race track its easier to direct the car!  At this point Social Graces students start to gain appreciation for the finer things in dance and create opions.  Learning dance is not all about memorizing rules- it’s about learning rules to reach your own likes and aviod your own dislikes.


Learning Balance helps take you from:

-From hitting target

-To “hitting the bullseye”

Social Graces instructors teach our students to keep their center over their foot, “balance”.  We also teach you how to learn in a balanced way.  Students often ask questons that might be all over the map, and we help keep them on track and teach them what aspects to focus on and when!

We are quite good at our job and our student’s happiness reflect that.

“When asked about balance, I realized learning dance has increased my self confindence and helps me make friends eaiser, my social life is more balanced.”


Learning Music Interpretation helps take you:


-To “showing off”

This is a fun artistic catogory.  We will show you how to tell what songs go with what dances, and we will show you how to adapt a dance to fit your favorite music, be it country, rap, heavy metal, big band, and more. We help you be you.

“I am always trying to put myself into things I’m learning and doing, pottery to music.  It drives my teachers nuts but I’m always asking myself, that’s how they do it, how am I going to do it. I love that they teach that at Social Graces.”


Learning Person Style helps take you:

-From copying

-To “creating”

After learning some rules about this exciting, rich artistic sport, you can choose what to emphasize, when you dance.  During your lessons you can even choose what you focus on, such as:

The art: called “characteristic style” of a dance.

Timing and rhythm:  In time, we will teach you a few rhythms for each dance that you can choose between.

Dancing with strangers: Some students wish to learn to dance with new people at the next wedding or dance you attend.  We will teach you great leads/follows that most anyone can quickly adapt to when dancing the basics.

We’ve got you covered in all things social as it relates to dance.  Come join us. 

 “I was born in Indonesia but grew up in Minnesota, my dad did Saman and I have always enjoyed the teamwork needed to execute the routines. I realize that ballroom dance is like a little team working together, and I like to think I’m bringing a little bit of myself when I dance.”