Awareness of Others.

Stage Two of Social Graces Signature System

Stage Two is where we get students to change their focus from learning parts of dance to learning how to apply that knowledge with a partner.  We teach you how to think more about your partner than yourself, and how that enhances your ability to dance. It also makes you a delightful person to dance with.








Learning Leading/Following take you:

-From social awkwardness

-To “how to read others”

Learning about leading or following in dance is just like learning to communicate in everyday life.

If you learn the language, its much easier to learn how to communicate with another.

It this case we are communicating by touch.

Leading means pre- thinking a pattern (and much more) and communicating each piece of that pattern one step at a time.

Following  means constantly reacting in a split second while executing the last piece of information.

Leading and following require a different set of skills, and very different mind set. One is not better than the other. This system is designed to “show off” the follower.  A good leader will dance with their follower in mind and not themselves.

We can teach you how to do this.

We asked a husband and wife individually: “What’s one thing learning dance at Social Graces done for you”.

“Dance has given me better connection with my wife.”


It has brought me closer to my husband


(Great minds think alike.)

Learning Variety and Blending helps take you:

-From Dance is like blocks

-To “interconnecting those blocks”

Simply put, it means you understand enough moves, to mix them together in interesting ways.

This starts to turn our students from robots executing patterns, to artists creating dance.

Take your time with this process, its fun but requires commitment.

“After only two months of lessons I feel I can follow anyone in group class, from the most advanced to the newest, I can adapt to their leads.”


Learning Poise and Posture helps take you:

-From social awareness

-To “self awareness”

When dance instructors start teaching about posture many students think the teacher is getting into the realm of professionalism, or turning them into more than a social dancer.  That is far from the truth.

Posture enhances how you stand, which effects every aspect of dance and even your everyday life.  It’s also hard to measure, so it can feel elusive.

When people stand with better alignment many things become awkward while your body learns how to readjust. This can make one feel socially awkward, but we teach you how to change that focus from the outside world to yourself, so you can become the master of your own body.

“I am a multiple business owner, and after learning more about posture, I can Waltz into a business meeting (pun intended) and look more confident than ever. I’m seriously considering having my managers take dance lessons to improve the impressions they make during project proposals.”