The Gift 

Author: Pamela Haefner

“Be ready at 2:00 on Saturday and wear comfy shoes.” This year for Christmas my family agreed to make our gifts engagement based…gifts that we can do with each other. This was my gift from my husband. My only hint was, “It’s something you’ve always wanted.”


We drove back roads and dirt roads in a direction that was unfamiliar. It wasn’t towards restaurants I’ve drooled over or friend’s houses for a party. It was instead to seemingly no where. To Berryville. “Really, we’re in Berryville?” What could he possibly be giving me in Berryville? 

And there it was. Social Graces Ballroom Dance Studio! I beamed. And my husband was right. I have always wanted to learn ballroom dancing with him. But never did I imagine it would bring me this level of engagement and joy. Our instructors are, well, so many things. On a personal level they are talented and energetic and absolutely lovely. But what they have created in their studio and shared with us is a whole new way of being together, of sharing our relationship of 32 years, of connecting us with some great people. 


It’s so much more than dance lessons. This saying has been overused, but it truly is the gift that keeps on giving.