At Social Graces Ballroom dance studio, we know what it is like to get stuck in the daily routine.  Wake up, work, TV (and TV snacks), bed, then it all starts over again.  For the same cost of cable, you could learn an exciting new hobby like ballroom dance.  Learning at Social Graces is a great way to meet new people in a non-threatening environment.  We will teach you what to expect at a typical dance, and then you can put your new skills to the test at one of our fun social dances!  Don’t waste another night just watching TV – make new friends and even get a workout in the process, you will feel better and sleep better for it.  Call now and schedule your first lesson while we still have open slots!


Call now to schedule your first lessons and be sure to ask about our new Winchester group classes!



Social Graces is the only area studio to provide full-time, professional, certified, instructors that teach students how to dance in a fun, systematic, way.  Social Graces also has the most efficient and organized system of teaching, which saves our students money.