Words of Wisdom from a Former Dance Novice

By Phyllis Enrico

So you think you wanna dance…let me share some advice from someone who was in your shoes just a year ago!

After the devastating loss of my husband of many years, I found myself wondering how I would ever survive the loneliness. A dear friend, who is also a dancer, suggested I consider dance lessons. I had never danced other than as a young teenager and had no idea where to even begin. After pondering the idea of dancing, I began a search for the closest studio.

Social Graces Ballroom Dance Studio in Berryville, Virginia, just so happened to be the answer to my search.

Social Graces offered me a free introductory lesson (which is available to all!). Let me tell you, I was so nervous prior to my first lesson, and really had to push myself out of my comfort zone to even show up!


From the moment I arrived at their quaint studio, to the moment I completed my first lesson, I felt so welcomed, relaxed, and realized I had nothing to fear. Freddie, the owner of Social Graces, was my instructor that day. I was worried that my two left feet would cause me nothing but embarrassment…but Freddie made me feel like Ginger Rogers! I left that lesson knowing that this was the place for me.

My best piece of advice to anyone considering dance lessons, for whatever reason, would be to GO FOR IT! You will not regret giving it a chance…and may even come to love it, like I have.